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Resources for a Sustainable Keweenaw

The SKRC offers digital media resources online (i.e. video, audio, weblinks, electronic documents) as well as hard copy resources at the Center (i.e. books, magazines, printed publications, materials samples). The list below includes our online resources only. Search our print media offerings via Maki Library Catalog >

Please help us improve our resource offerings. Do you know of a locally produced or regionally appropriate resource that we should include? Are you looking for a specific resource and don't see it listed? Please let us know.

Look for these icons on the online Keweenaw Green Map® to find people, projects, and sites in the Keweenaw working with these issues. (Green Map Icons © Green Map System, Inc. 2008. All rights reserved. Green Map® is a registered trademark and used with permission.)

Sustainable Ag videos, cold climate permaculture info



Learn about light pollution and how to stop it



Green Building
Learn how to green your home and work environment



Cycle nutrients by composting your organic wastes



Flora & Fauna
Explore the flora and fauna of the Keweenaw Peninsula



Great Lakes
Learn about Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes



Local Economics
Local currency, barter, exchange, invest



Land Use & Community Planning
For Keweenaw communities



Tools for observing and measuring impact



For Educators
Resources for greening schools and curriculum


Energy Conservation
Tools and resources for saving and monitoring energy



Renewable Energy
Wind, solar, water, and geothermal power


How, where, and what to recycle in the Keweenaw



Eco Landscaping
Landscapes can provide valuable ecological services



Water Recycling
Using household greywater, collecting rainwater, and more



Alternative and non-motorized transit



Hazards & Challenges
Learn about hazards and challenges in the Keweenaw



Local & Regional Maps
Soil, watershed, trail, and other eco maps for the Keweenaw



For Kids!
Learn ecology with these fun, interactive websites for kids



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