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The SKRC exists to inspire and connect individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, institutions, and governing agencies with regionally appropriate resources and solutions for creating sustainable communities in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The SKRC fosters these connections through the following services:

Resource Center
The SKRC provides the general public access to tools and resources for sustainable community development in the form of digital media (i.e. video, audio, weblinks, electronic documents) and printed media (i.e. books, magazines, printed publications, materials samples). Search our print media via Maki Library Catalog >

Keweenaw Green Directory
The SKRC hosts and moderates the online Keweenaw Green Directory, a free database of locally available green products and services.

Keweenaw Green Map
The SKRC is the leader of the Keweenaw Green Map® project, part of an international movement that promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development using mapmaking as a medium.

Keweenaw Green Spotlight
The SKRC increases community awareness of local sustainable projects and programs, and encourages sharing solutions, by exhibiting current projects at the Jutila Center in Hancock and on the SKRC website.

Community Design Liaison
The SKRC promotes sustainable, regional, economic development by connecting local designers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in an effort to meet the needs of our community with the resources and skills we have available within our region.

The SKRC was established in 2008 as a community service with support from Finlandia University. It is a volunteer operated project.


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